At Legacy Constructors we are Building for Tomorrow. We ensure the success of our clients through an unwavering commitment to meet and exceed their expectations. Legacy’s skilled team provides a breadth of services to optimize and expedite any project at any stage in the construction process.


  • Provide insights on built form, building design, costing options etc.
  • Recommend, assemble, and manage complete design team and coordinate preparation of documents
  • Allow clients to take a hands-off approach, and only get involved with major decisions / discussions
  • Chair and document Design Coordination meetings
  • Support planner in obtaining municipal approvals
  • Assist in Obtaining building permits
  • Establish preliminary budget, schedule, and value engineering
  • Support owner with drafting of any shoring / encroachment agreements
  • Facilitate materials selection for interior design elements
  • Support client in determining optimal suite mix / layout
  • Help client identify energy targets
  • Assist in finalizing financing requirements


  • Implement and manage tender process
  • Conduct bid analysis review
  • Complete risk assessment on various trades upon receipt of bids
  • Negotiate trade values
  • Provide trade recommendations to client
  • Establish appropriate contract document
  • Ongoing value engineering
  • Oversee all construction activities
  • Manage construction budget, schedule, scope, and quality
  • Act as Constructor in eyes of MOL
  • Ongoing reporting to client
  • Manage progress billing and cost control
  • Coordinate testing and inspection activities
  • Facilitate HCRA/Tarion process (as applicable)


  • Initiate commissioning program
  • Establish and document equipment start-ups
  • Compile punch lists and manage deficiency process
  • Conduct operations and maintenance training (provide video as necessary)
  • Coordinate completion of all closeout items, close out certification, and file for the client
  • Manage warranty and HCRA/ Tarion related items (as applicable)
  • Trade/supplier follow up

Development/ Value Added

  • Provide insights from sales, marketing, interior design perspectives
  • Comprehensive finance, accounting, insurance support
  • Conduct financial feasibility analysis
  • Research potential grant / incentive opportunities
  • Manage customer selections processes
  • Assist in satisfying SPA conditions or OPA/ZBA submissions
  • Coordinate the design /optimization of amenities
  • Coordinate utilities applications / requirements
  • Support with MOECP issues